A downloadable game for Windows

Night of the Comet is a role-playing adventure with survival horror elements, developed by me in RPG Maker VX Ace for the IGMC 2017. It's a game about generic teenagers, space zombies, friendship and survival!

It isn't a game made to be easy. You will have to rely on luck, skills and intelligence... and maybe, of course, you will not perish. Who said surviving the apocalypse was easy? (Wait? Is it the apocalypse? Seriously?)

PLOT: Five friends are going to travel to the mountains. The idea is to stay in an old cabin that belonged to one of the character’s grandfather, to see the passing of a comet that hasn't showed up for 16 million years! Everything seemed very normal until strange things began to happen. The passing of the comet changed something on Earth. Our friends will have to fight to survive! The night will be long, and they should be ready, because hell breaks loose here and now!

- Based on horror movies of the 80's!
- Unusual and humorous story with charismatic characters, space zombies, clichés and references! (who doesn't like clichés and references?)
- Main Quests! Side Quests! Hidden Quests!
- More than 10 types of enemies (that means exactly 11) ready to eat your brains!
- Huge fights, with dynamic battles where every single blow can be decisive.
- Wide variety of weapons, armor, items, skills, and random loot system, but you'll need more than luck to escape this hell.
- Crafting System: Make weapons, strengthen clothes and create crazy stuff with a lot of things that you thought wouldn’t be useful for anything!
- Lighting: Don't stay in the dark with the monsters, make a torch and stay in a bright place... with monsters!

I really enjoyed spending my free time and sacrificing nights to do it and I still intend to make several improvements.

Very Special Thanks to Ana Luiza, Tiago Prata, Marcia Cantamissa, Jonatas Reis, Family, Friends and each one mentioned in Credits.odt!

Made by a gamer for gamers. Enjoy!

= Game will stop because a loop in MAP7 and I will not be able to fix this until the end of the contest :( =
"Uploads are temporarily disabled because voting for Indie Game Maker Contest 2017 is in progress. You'll be able to make changes after the jam is over."

-=KNOWN BUGS=-  = Game will stop because a loop in MAP7 =  Back door of The Cabin is malfunctioning (don't use it)

If you find any bug, glitch, language error or just want to comment, suggest or criticize ... Leave a comment (It's Free!) and I will appreciate it. 2;D

Unfortunately, the game is not 100%, but your Act 1 is complete and you can reach the end of the story. Some creatures, interactivities, and items are missing. One month is a big challenge to make a good game, so I'd rather take off some elements than deliver a job without end. I will give continuity to this project after the game jam, he is my pride and joy. So that's it, sorry for any possible inconvenience in game and good fun.


Night of the Comet - IGMC 2017.exe 261 MB